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5 Ways for Rappers To Get Noticed on Twitter

I often get asked by aspiring rap and hip hop artists, “How do I get noticed on Twitter?” Twitter is a vast landscape of tweets, photos, links and information. New artists have a… Continue reading

KADARA: @GoffryFilms Changing the Face of Nigerian Entertainment

NEW GOFFRYFILMS MOVIE “KADARA” AVAILABLE SOON! (And a Happy Birthday to GoffryFilms President Tunde Gafar!) Nigeria is on the rise in the entertainment industry. Numerous Nigerian actors, musicians, singers and comedians are taking… Continue reading

@mST0RK – Rap Cavalier

Rarely am I speechless about any artist. But just imagine that performance artist Laurie Anderson and musician/visual artist Brian Eno had a son, with an Aladdin Sane-era David Bowie as godfather, and you’ve… Continue reading

HORRIFIC PHOTOS: “Animal Murder for Sport” Maroi Conservancy in hot water again

The folks at the Maroi Conservancy are in hot water AGAIN. You may remember them as the hunting spot where whackjob Melissa Bachman posed with her kill, a male African lion which is… Continue reading

Hey, Gaming Companies & Console Makers: What About the Disabled? Yeah, you: @SEGA @bioware @EASPORTS @RockstarGames @THQ @PlayStation

My wonderful inspiring friend Isaac Harvey (TheTrue619 on Twitter) needs help to get gaming companies and console makers to create new consoles for the disabled. Isaac, who is disabled and can only use… Continue reading

Southern Kool & Charity with @Simpset

MISTA KOOL Southern Kool & Charity with @Simpset It’s not often  you come across talented rap artists who can not only lay down a track, write the lyrics, sing them AND has a… Continue reading

5 Worst Mistakes Aspiring Rappers Make on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best vehicles around for getting exposure, fans and engagement via social media. Big artists are (mostly) accessible via Twitter, and many (like Waka Flocka Flame) use Twitter and… Continue reading

Vote for Lady Jazz to Win “Honey of the Year”!

Visit the Honey Academy to vote for our girl and everyone’s favorite model to win the Honey of the Year award! Visit this page ( and scroll down towards the bottom to vote… Continue reading

In Loving Memory – Kayo Redd

In Loving Memory – Kayo Redd.