Kis-Ko Amari: Root, Rap, Reggae


There is a new rap/reggae artist on the South Florida scene and he’s taking it by storm. Kis-ko Amari, a native of Jamaica, has crafted a thoughtful and profound tracklist of hits that combine his Jamaican roots with today’s sound. He seamlessly incorporates classic Jamaican reggae with modern lyrics and music, and it’s fantastic.

kiskoIn one of my favorite tracks, “Thinking About Her,” Kis-ko treats his listeners to solidly melodic reggae poetry. In what I consider to be his signature track, “Dem Ah Talk,” he brings back the heyday of true Jamaican reggae with old school syncopation and lyrics. His music in “Nuff Gyal” is upbeat and playful.

Another one of my favorite tracks is, “Certain Things,” which really shows off Amari’s lyrical writing ability. His “Love My Life” is another excellent example of his wordsmithing and musical genius.

It’s rare that you find an artist who can not only write music but can write profound and moving lyrics as well. To combine both of those talents into a particular genre of music like reggae is nothing short of amazing. Do yourself a favor and dive deep into the new reggae of Kis-Ko Amari. You won’t be disappointed!