Vini V – Music Artist & Noble Philosopher


2016.07.12.Ginning.Portrait-300x300I’ve NEVER done a review based on one track only. But after hearing Vini Vicomte’s track, “Ginning,” it was full of enough talent and innovation for me to throw out my previous rule.

Vini is an enigma: he is secretive about himself and shares little of his personal life. But that secrecy is part of his overall appeal. He has mastered the art of “leaving them wanting more” by only having one  song available to the public, and very little online information about himself.

I first heard him via Twitter, and once I heard “Ginning,” I felt I had to capture the unique qualities of this interesting young man on my blog. “Ginning” is truly amazing. It’s captivating, mesmerizing, and hypnotic. It leaves you wanting to demand more from this artist, and it’s driving me crazy that this is the only tantalizing taste we are allowed.


You can hear Vini himself share a little of his personal details on YouTube.

He also was gracious enough to answer some questions for this interview:


How old are you?
I’m not sure that it’s important. So, I will say that I have the age that people give me 🙂

Where are you from?
In my father’s, my roots are Caribbean, from Guadeloupe, a French island not so far off Rihanna’s Barbade.

W here do you live?
I come from 60-65 miles of Paris, in France on my mother’s side.

How did you get into music?
When I was young, I played classicical music for 7 years, specifically flute. And I love music, which colors my daily life.

Who are your musical influences?
My musical influences are Caribbean, exotic sounds as Reggae, Ragga. But Soul too, and Hip-hop.

What are you trying to say through your music, what is your message?
Music is an universal message. This is the reason why I have chosen to learn and speak English. Is not easy, but with will, all is possible. It will be not perfect to begin, but if I have the opportunity to come to the USA, I will learn more. English is becoming the language of the World, and I want to speak to all people all around the world. My message is to permit mankind to evolve, to realize his condition and magnificence of Life.

What inspires you?
Nature inspires me a lot. Because when we observe Nature attentively, when we begin to understand it, an alchemy appears in us, and transmutes our being. The fear disappears, and you can shine to make world better. Robert Nesta Marley (Bob) also inspires me, for his music, but also his fight for a better World.

Mark my words, soon you will be hearing much more about Vini. His ability to create excellent tracks and combine them with his artistic sense and lyrical ability will surely translate into great success for this amazing young artist. It was my honor to review his music, and I know one day I will be able to say I helped ‘discover’ him.


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