Razza Moore’s “Street Affiliated Vol. II” Raises the Bar for South Florida Rap

South Florida rap artist Razza Moore (AKA Mr. Coloring Book) has recently released a new set of tracks and they are raising the bar for every rapper in South Florida.Dp8kwT8X4AAKDrf.jpg large

His latest works, available for download, include new hits like “Xans and Mollys,” “Lit for TV,” and “Fiji.”

Razza made a huge splash in the rap world with his breakout hit, “Like Rambo.” You can read more about Razza in my original article.

Razza’s tracks, “Fiji” and “Tom Cruise,” are great examples of his imaginative work with lyrics.  “Pour Up, Roll Up” is a kind of rap biography; no matter what track, Razza’s sense of lyrical ability and rhyming hooks the listener every time.

We hope that Razza keeps the tracks coming, he is one artist we always want to hear more of!

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