My Top 5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for #TrumpRussia Info & News

Trump-PutinAs multiple rumors and allegations about the suspected Trump-Russia collusion float around social media, it’s hard to sort through all the noise to find out what’s really going on.

There are five Twitter accounts that I’ve found to be the most reliable and factually informative on Trump and his Russian partners. These are my personal favorites, which can be found on my Twitter “TrumpRussia” list along with other journalists, writers, and experts.

  1. John Schindler


John Schindler is an intelligence expert, columnist, and security expert. He consistently brings his intel experience into his tweets to explain things to us mortals who don’t quite understand the magnitude of Trump’s treason. Follow him on Twitter and visit his website.

2. Scott Dworkin


Scott Dworkin is the hardest working patriot on the scene, taking on Trump and his Russian buddies at every turn. Community organizer and co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, Dworkin has been instrumental in multiple ethics complaints filed against the Trump Administration. Dworkin keeps the pressure on Trump and is unrelenting. Follow him on Twitter and visit the Democratic Coalition website.

3. Louise Mensch


Louise Mensch is an English author and independent journalist.She was the Conservative MP for Corby from 2010 to 2012. She has broken numerous stories about Trump, and in November 2016, Heat Street published an article titled “EXCLUSIVE: FBI ‘Granted FISA Warrant’ Covering Trump Camp’s Ties To Russia”, written by Mensch. (Wikipedia) Called an “Unhinged British witch” “a textbook succubus” by a Russian insider. Follow her on Twitter and visit her blog site.

4. Palmer Report


The Palmer Report Twitter account, run by Bill Palmer, offers up extensive coverage of #TrumpRussia business dealings, politics and more. They provide excellent coverage in exposing the ancillary players in the #TrumpRussia ant pile. Follow the Palmer Report on Twitter and visit the website.

5. RobPulseNews


Investigative journalist “Rob S” digs deep into the political machinations of Trump & Company,  and offers clear and concise information on world politics related to #TrumpRussia. Follow him on Twitter and visit his blog site.


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