South Africa’s Royal Rap King Lim Bizzy Rules the Airwaves


Lim Bizzy is making a huge impact on the rap music scene. This South African producer and rapper, also known as Mabunda Thomas, part of the royal Mabunda clan, is making waves with his mix of rap and African influences.

16195790_947183332079441_7845698670448650148_nHis “Tony Montana” sample video is getting widespread airplay, and he’s currently working on a variety of tracks and collaborations. He also is committed to helping support South African artists and spreading their work throughout the world.

My favorite track is “I’m Goin In,” which has honest straightforward lyrics in the traditional rap style.  This hardcore track stands up and goes hard.

Another amazing track is, “Celebration To The Good Life,” which pays homage to the good life after working hard to make a name for himself for many years. The accompanying video has great clips of Lim Bizzy interacting with fans and friends and puts a personal note to his music.

But it might just be his single, “Tony Montana” that will push him to the top of rap superstardom. This track is full of swagger and attitude and lays out in no uncertain terms that Lim Bizzy is coming to take over the rap game. With African syncopation and hardcore lyrics, this track is the game changer that we’ve been waiting for from Lim Bizzy.

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