Dear Robert Mueller: Please Hurry


Each day of the Trump presidency brings new outrages and inconceivable lows of basic human decency. With each tweet, President Trump exposes his true nature as a controlling, childish narcissist who bullies others but can’t take even the slightest affront to his fragile psyche without lashing out in anger.

Trump has turned over the rock of white supremacy and all the fat white grub worms underneath are gaining a foothold in normalcy. This president has given the green light to sexual predators and male bullies of women. Trump has brought the United States down to his level of greedy old men who are terrified of people of color gaining anything that may bring them up out of the white swamp of bigotry.

Robert Mueller, please hurry. With each tweet, with each tasteless remark, with each classless act, Trump is eroding away what makes this country a wonder. He is taking the heart and soul of America and dragging it through the over-gilded, faux-finish world of backstreet deals and dirty money.

I’m exhausted. We who believe in right and wrong, in the law and justice, are exhausted. I know you are not the end all or be all, but most of us do have faith you will somehow make some of this right.

Please hurry.