OPINION: Trump’s Only Two Options – Resign, Then Blame Everyone Else


Donald Trump is poised on the edge of the abyss. On one side, he has a dwindling support network, no real political wins (or influence), and the Russia issue is his very own personal damoclean sword, looming over him and his family, along with possible jail time. On the other, an angry and mobilizing world has lined up in protest; first amused, then disgusted and now furious at his incompetency and dangerous antics.

In 1969, Lawrence J. Peter published his book, “The Peter Principle,” which theorizes that “employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively” and “managers rise to the level of their incompetence.”

Trump is in the final, “no resuscitation order” phase of his political career, his “Peter Principle moment,” if you will. Putting aside that he stumbled into office without the majority of votes, with no political knowledge (or intelligent curiosity to educate himself after being elected) his “personal brand” is slowly sinking into the mire. To save any vestiges of the Trump we used to know and mostly didn’t like, he can do two things that will save face and save whatever prospects of future earnings he may still have.

Trump needs to 1) resign then 2) blame everyone else. The job of President is beyond him. Trump and his cadre have no idea how government works and no desire to learn how to actually run the United States. Error after error after error has branded (in the hot iron sense) Trump and all his family and co-conspirators with the stench of Russian backchannel side alleys, and they’ve reached the point from which they can never recover. Who will trust, or hire, the Sean Spicers, Kellyanne Conways and Paul Manaforts of the Trump Posse? Americans have long memories, and we won’t forget the enablers and sycophants around Trump.

I believe Trump is a survivor. If he resigns now, and then blames everyone but himself, he may have a chance of getting through his very worst business venture (and that’s saying something, considering all his bankruptcies and loans) of somehow becoming President of the United States.

He can put most of the blame on the GOP; they stood idly by while he ruined the reputation of the U.S. and they applauded his buffoonery and Twitter nonsense.

He can blame his advisors. Their lack of political knowledge, their alt-right support and toadying left him with no capable way of navigating through the political quicksand of Washington.

He can blame the intelligence community, or Jared Kushner. He can blame Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and…well, you get my drift. He doesn’t have to pay any attention to the motivated movement against him, to esteemed journalists, feminists, climate scientists or those organizing around the world to oppose his stupidity and greed. He just needs to resign then blame anyone but himself.

Here is how I think his resignation statement would read:

“To the people of the United States: 

When I was elected in the biggest win in U.S. history, with the largest inauguration crowds ever, I came into this role determined to use my business expertise to Make America Great Again.  I thought I had the very best group of advisors and staff, but they were totally incompetent. The jerks who tried to advise me, combined with the ongoing destructive influence of fake news, insane theories of my collusion with Russia, and hatred of how awesome I truly am, gives me only one option: to resign as President.

I will go on to bigger and better things, because this job sucked anyway. I’m the greatest boss there ever was, and you jerks just don’t appreciate how amazing I am. I am already in plans with Fox to develop a super new line of reality shows, restaurants and a clothing line based on how stupid everyone else is. I’m a winner, and the rest of you are all losers.”

Please, Mr. Trump. Just resign. It’s your best (and increasingly only) option.