Don’t Hate the Hater, Hate the Pain – a response to a Twitter buzzkill

Some Twitter jerk killed my buzz
Laughed at me because
Waka Flocka follows me
And I tweet about him constantly.

Told me Waka doesn’t tweet his tweets
Thought he’d bring me to defeat
But he doesn’t understand
It’s about being a Waka fan.

It’s all about support
I’m Waka’s fan from the start
See, before I followed him,
Twitter was just a whim.

I’m old school white
Watched the Brady’s Friday nights
The rap I knew the most
Was about butter & breakfast toast.

Then came Kid ‘N Play
(What happened to them, by the way?)
And the Cosby show was good
That’s what I called ‘the hood’.

Then Run DMC & Wu Tang Clan
Scared us white folks pretty bad
We dismissed the whole rap pile
Salt N Pepa was more my style.

Since I’ve followed Joaquin
His fans are never mean
They support & tweet a lot
The Squad is turnt up hot.

Waka’s raps opened me for
Music I used to ignore
I’ve met so many great friends
And learned what true support is.

So to haters I say, poor you
I’ll never be ashamed of who
I follow & support & tweet
MY friends can’t be beat.

So you didn’t kill my joy
You’re just a little boy
Who’s got to ruin the game
But I’m still followed by Waka Flocka Flame.

I feel sorry for you, bud
Try hard to do more good
No point in negativity
You win with positivity.

Don’t Hate the Hater, Hate the Pain
Negativity will never bring you gain
The pain you try to share
Just gives YOU more despair

Shout outs to just some of the most amazing followers ever. These are just a few of the talented artists of all kinds that you should follow:

@WakaFlockaBSM, @CasanovaRud, @DJDaTruth, @YoungDirt, @JBDAFATBOI, @AirplaneAce, @iamWillieMaxx, @porkchopallday, @Dom_Dukes,  @KiddRichRAP, @HDaMonsta, @the1jaylove, @ThugzNation, @Playa_Boo,  @Brooklyn3rdEye, @SmallChange336, @OfficialLocoLos, @RealHeirJordan,  @KingFrosT30, @BigDuttyDEEZE, @GNPromotions, @atlegendary, @ABE_SHONBARZ,  @TheStereoBoyz, @DJPURFIYA, @SHASMOAK, @KashDaMoneyMan, @chukymusic,  @TomskieTx, @sandmanmc4sett, @newlabelent, @rapsta07, @Grandstwitt,  @REALESTMRCLEAN, @King_GOD_SOSA, @PanamaBlack, @GoodofMichael,  @Genzu_Dillinger, @KINGLilKeis, @Issac_Escalera, @Ggstilo, @nbsangerrapper,   @SCurtisDaModel, @AlexNicolasCage, @dutch_mastaMME, @MarlonWhite662,  @BirdiesUp, @HipHopSyko, @TyraeJones256, @Lancer_Jee, @BatmannT,  @Ryda4Ever, @t1000_12, @UrBoySyda, @YoungFlyPrince, @MEALZ_LFMG,  @KavioBossGang, @JDobypr1, @WeUpTopMusic, @BizeMusic, @whoisDoneDeal,  @ChinChillaPanic, @djscoobz, @MrUniG, @KNALO7, @ChrisFMoney, @YOUNGSTADC,  @GesMoney@devducemusic, @GesMoney, @its_prodesti, @YoungTakaThunda, @TShyne, @MikeBaggz, @OneBadGuy, @peopledub, @whoisjrellz, @IAMYUNGJOC, @PrinceTMusic,  @drpimpslab, @ToriWilsonMusic, @RealJohndough, @WakaBSMfoster, @Mikeaveli, @thomasfiss, @legendaryshakil, @ClaraBellino, @ReeTheRuler, @JamieONeal, @BreezeWhyerd, @LordKayKDiddy, @Enellshii, @YoungIssue, @VETTYROCKET,  @LDaVice, @YungDezzyD, @TherealAbsolute, @LiLBiLLSwavey, @KingNessDMV,  @thinkbeazy, @TommyTucker28, @DoraWoodrum, @RoseFroze, @DiamondsCrew,  @KevinMcGil, @Braziliz, @moroccanhiphop, @thefacetheband, @bigjake11a,  @JohnnyRocketMan, @phillipswindle, @AntonioMartez, @tylershamy, @wheelsrocks,  @DominicScott, @Jay_ok, @timkatent, @vanillaice, @mikeoverlin, @ishi4life,  @brett_temple, @laurawilde, @sportyblack1, @Kensington_Gore, @TweeterSteele,  @NancySinatra, @andrearamirez, @THEREALCHAMP1, @catoxenberg, @royalphotos,  @koladedaniel

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