Meet the King of Flow, Texas Style – John Mike

556612_526701760694943_864006012_nUsually when I review an artist, I try to find something very unique about them or their music. With John Mike, I think the word “Intense” describes it all.

John Mike is an intense artist with a rare gift…his beats, lyrics, looks & sound all blend together perfectly with his intense personality and raw flavor. His flow is pure game 100% of the time. There’s not one song I listened to that wasn’t well-produced and on the money. His lyrics are thought out and well-written, and he mixes rhyme with reason to create a hypnotic sound and beat. The look of intensity his eyes have in his videos burns a hole right through you….it’s the look of determination.

Tile Versa is his latest mixtape, and it’s packed with dope tracks. My favorite track is Texas Tea, because it’s a great song and has a great name. He has his own website, YouTube channel, with InstaGram, Facebook and Twitter profiles too. All of his tracks are interesting and well-made. The videos are really well-crafted too, and it’s just plain ‘ole awesome to see a Texas guy with this much flow.

Check him out:


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