Poetic Killa – Revenge Rap & Boston Poetry

450383c352850392d0400e39dde0c8efPoetic Killa is young. He’s only 18 but his lyrics are those of an older mentality. This might be because at 18, he has already worked with big-name artists like Raekwon, Kool G Rap, D12, Young Buck, Jadakiss and more. Pretty impressive!

From Boston, Mass., Poetic Killa writes very raw yet lyrical rap songs. He has a poetic way of rapping, combining all sorts of phrases and words into a smooth fluid mix of harsh sentiments and stylish ease.

You can tell he pours heart and soul into his lyrics, which I found to be very strong and forceful in portraying life’s burdensome realities, but also hopeful and uplifting.

In “As The World Turns” he raps about the struggles of life and how they can’t keep a good person down. “Rap Ain’t Real” is why I called this article “Revenge Rap”; it’s very angry and intense but full of great lyrics.

My favorite song of his is “John 3:15”, which teaches that the past can influence you, but you are in control of the future.

Poetic Killa uses a variety of very tribal background beats, plus a very eclectic use of words. This is where the “Poetic” in Poetic Killa comes in. He uses words as almost a beat, yet if you listen closely, you will gain insights and lessons.

It’s refreshing to hear an artist try and use words as poetry in rap instead of just using words as rants. Poetic Killa takes words and phrases and turns them into thoughtful, moving music and messages.

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