Goffryfilms Entertainment Presents Exciting Dance Competition in Ikorodu Oct. 1, 2013

Goffryfilms Entertainment presents an interactive dance competition and motivational speakers event!

The theme of this exciting event is “Making Youth Useful to Society” by offering support and assistance through motivational speakers, dance, music and comedy.

The event features:

  • Motivational talks by professionals from diverse work backgrounds and walks of life
  • Dance competition
  • Music by prominent artists
  • Comedy

All video will be done by Goffryfilms Entertainment.

Dance Competition Prices

  • Winner – NGN 500,000 plus two musical video appearances
  • First Runner-up – NGN 200,000 plus one musical video appearance
  • Second Runner-up – NGN 50,000

Goffryfilms Entertainment invites  are inviting you to become a sponsor in this important event. We currently are looking for the following sponsors:

  1. Venue                                                                                     NGN 200,000
  2. Judges                                                                                    NGN 300,000
  3. Disk Jockey                                                                          NGN 100,000
  4. Master of Ceremony                                                         NGN 100,000
  5. Publicity                                                                                NGN 200,000
  6. Refreshments                                                                      NGN 350,000

To participate in this event to help young people, and to be an honored sponsor, please provide the following information to Goffryfilms Entertainment at goffryfilms@yahoo.com:

  • Your company name
  • Board of directors
  • Office/contact address
  • Telephone number
  • Email/website address

Hurry and book your sponsorship today!

106 Lagos Road
Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

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