Rapper Sebastian Vègo: Accent On Talent

vego2Every once in a while, a rap artist comes along with a golden voice. Not just a golden singing voice, but a golden voice for music in general.

Sebastian Vègo, a Cuban-Native American artist based in San Francisco, is that artist. He has great tracks and great lyrics with a voice that is so distinctive and unforgettable.

But what is so just as amazing about Vègo is his ability to switch from rap to trap to hip hop to reggae without a thought. He conquers each of these genres with style and maturity, and it’s pretty unbelievable. He even vego3.jpgconquers instrumental tracks, as evidenced by his “Lights” track.

This young man is working every angle to get his music out, from selling tapes and CDs out of the trunks of cars to selling singles on iTunes. Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, Vègo takes his unique background and history and creates imaginative, unforgettable lyrics and accompanying beats.

His voice is distinctive because of the timbre and inflection. In the single “Cell Therapy,” he spits machine-gun fast with a solid trap sound, but with a deep dark sound to his voice that’s so incredible. But then on “Silent Hill” (my favorite of all his tracks) he completely changes his accent, tone and delivery. Amazing! Great lyrics too.

To hear what I’m talking about, check out his “No Humanity” freestyle, it’s excellent on every level; lyrics, beat, timing…

All in all, this young artist has the building blocks for a stellar career in the industry. His skills are evident on his tracks, so do yourself a favor and check out Vègo as soon as possible!