John Austin Brings His Unique Brand of Hip Hop to Miami

217947_324938487599565_337991016_n421361_240943022665779_1516664982_nMiami rap artist John Austin brings to his music a mixture of youthful enthusiasm and the knowledge of an older more experienced artist. Austin, who started the 8-member rap group Inside Division, is on the verge of releasing his third mixtape, “Corsica Estates” but in the meantime, you can listen to him on SoundCloud.

This 18-year-old has a smooth R&B feel to his rap, not only in the music but in his delivery. His songs on SoundCloud, which include Inside Division members, have a very bluesy feel. He definitely calls upon old school hip hop in his lyrics, tracks and rhythms. He combines this with raw lyrics and imagery to create a unique musical experience.

Austin says, “The people that have influenced me the most are my family, fans, Movie Life MMT and Inside 424210_333695930057154_1028600159_nDivision.” One of my favorite tracks is “The What Remix,” which, with its scratchy sound & clever lyrics, reminds me of hip hop back in the day. “Still Living” is a good example of Austin’s skills with lyrical wordplay. “Home Made” is a smooth, mellow, old-school mix for such a young artist.

Do yourself a favor and check out John Austin; he has the sound of a hop hop artist with the soul of a poet. He’s going places.

Austin also is Adobe PhotoShop certified, and a music engineer. For features and mixtape covers, contact him via email.


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