The Gift of Kale Noel – Rap Poetry

kalenoelThere’s a new voice in the rap world, and it’s pretty amazing. Kale Noel is an expert lyricist and poet rapper, and his message is powerful and strong.

His latest masterpiece, “A Long Way From Highland” is truly remarkable. It’s biographical and earnest, and he’s one of the best of the new breed of authentic, gritty rap artists. He uses rapid-fire delivery and mixes it with city-bred, intelligent lyrics and dope back tracks.

His title track, “A Long Way From Highland” is an homage to his roots that hits you right in the gut. My favorite track is “Watch the Throne featuring Sierra” which makes you dizzy with its amazing lyrics and Sierra’s hook. This is definitely my choice for a standout single. “Perception” is spoken-word and moving. “Cool Hand Kale” is more mellow but still has excellent lyrical references thrown all through the track.

All of his tracks vibrate with power, anger and the call to rise up.  The intelligence behind the lyrics truly amaze me; it’s really really difficult to put smart lyrics and rhyme together this effectively. Kale Noel is already a force to be reckoned with in the rap world; I guarantee you that the WHOLE world will soon know exactly who Kale Noel is.

kale3His DatPiff bio reads, “It is an artist’s responsibility to reflect the times. Kale Noel is a native of Milwaukee, WI who does just that. In an era where MC’s are coming and going as quick as their song plays through, Kale Noel is emerging as a very distinctive artist and songwriter. Kale’s creativity, charisma and wordplay instantly require your attention. Kale Noel started writing poetry and songs early -at the age of 8. As he remembers, “We would sit in the corner with a tape recorder rapping, hoping nobody walked in.”

He has now developed a spellbinding flow with the ability to not only touch you but also to make you wonder what’s next. His first single “SMILE”, dedicated to his late mom, featuring India Latimore is a heartfelt and soulful record. Lyrically Kale Noel covers his childhood, his maturation, poverty and everything concerning his culture. His latest releases introduce you to and command you to get familiar with Kale Noel and where he’s going. He proclaims to be, “just a regular dude blessed with an ability to reach people through music.” “Most people don’t think it’s cool to talk about stuff like this, but the thing is we are responsible for what’s cool. We set the stage for what’s being heard.” He mixes thought provoking kale2rhymes, with a conversational tone that makes it feel like you’re talking one on one. Check out Kale Noel’s full length project, “A Long Way From Highland”.


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