Open Your Heart to Help Brennon Continue with the Physical Therapy He Needs

Dear readers,

A very good friend of mine has a son, Brennon, with very special needs. She and10850142_1600382963536816_7646861897721011694_n her husband have set up a GoFundMe page to help Brennon continue to get the therapy he needs…this sweet boy may not have been dealt the greatest hand in life, but he has a loving family who adore and care about him. Unfortunately, they started his therapy but are unable to afford to continue with it.

Brennon was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or “OI”. This condition causes extremely brittle bones,  neurological issues, shorter height and more. There is no cure for OI. (To learn more about OI, visit

Despite his obstacles, Brennon loves music and is learning to play the piano! Brennon is a happy child who loves people and enjoys laughter with family and friends.

From Brennon’s mother:
“HI, THANKS FOR TAKING TIME TO READ OUR STORY. Brennon is 10. He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfacta or AKA Brittle Bone disease. Brennon has undergone multiple rodding surgeries to assist with preventing fractures and allowing him to support him with ease.  The rods are placed in his legs and arms. Brennon requires physical therapy to assist with learning to walk and although he once was receiving services we can no longer afford to continue his physical therapy. The cost for therapy would be $3,500 with insurance but we must meet our deductibles which would bring it to approx. $5,000. The goal is to get Brennon walking. Please help us help him. Anything helps, even if it’s 1 penny. Our sincerest thanks! ”

Please visit Brennon’s GoFundMe page, where you can learn more and see a video of Brennon during actual therapy. If you are so moved, please help his family with the costs of physical therapy. They are unable to continue with the therapy he desperately needs. Anything you can contribute will help!

GoFundMe link:

Many thanks!


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