CR9vUJNW0AYjZvMWhen you think of Niagara Falls, you probably don’t think “rap music.” But that’s all about to change.

Young Croc is a rapper from Niagara Falls who is tearing up the music industry. Young Croc takes bits and pieces from punk, trance and house to create really mesmerizing back tracks. His lyrics are simple but compelling, and he uses his lyrics to create a rhythmic verbal beat.

One of my favorite tracks is “From the Back” which layers multiple background tracks into an interesting mix; his lyrics almost sound like a chant, and it’s very innovative and new. Another example of this kind of multi-layering technique is the track, “Slow Wine.”

His instrumental tracks are amazingly complex too. Deceptively simple-sounding, they contain layer upon layer of tones and notes. “Now Im Bak” is one of my favorites.

CRJaf9nWoAAO8bESo treat yourself to a completely reinvented sound and listen to what Young Croc has to offer.




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