Young Cashflow Teaches Old Rap New Tricks

FB_IMG_1439439648984Young Cashflow may only be in his early thirties, but his voice, style, tone and delivery is reminiscent of old school rap gods. This Indiana artist’s voice conveys rap origins but his lyrics take on today’s best rap artists in word and message. His smoky voice, tinged with just a threat of danger, spills out a gravelly accompaniment to his well-produced tracks.

One of my favorite tracks is “Put In Work” which has an anthem-like quality. “Throw Ya Gang” is another favorite, which matches up with the best trap chants.

All in all, this young rap artist is taking rap and putting his own spin on it to create very unique music and messages.

And check out his partner in crime and music, Chardonnay; she’s got a beautiful voice of her own and teams up with Young Cash Flow’s on various tracks.



Young Cashflow was born Adrian Lamont Hayes on June 1, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He credits NWA, Run DMC,2Pac among others for sparking his love for hip hop music.

In 1997 he and several local artist formed the rap group known as “Controversy.” In 1998, he gained a local contract with James Schwickheimer ‘s Fearless Records with his older brother Cheezy Marciano Thedon. After the label fell apart, the two decided to create Criminal Minded Entertainment (CME). Young Cashflow released music locally and began doing local shows. He sent a demo cd to DeathRow Records in 2002 and received a letter asking him to fly out to Cali to meet with DeathRow reps for a possible demo deal and 50k.

Although the offer sounded good to him at the moment, Young Cashflow chose to stay in Indiana to help raise his newborn daughter who had been born only months before the offer. He eventually began networking with local artist and some industry artist including BRICKSQUAD MONOPOLY among others between 2011-2013. OG Mack Drama of 1017 Mafia records was the first to spin Cashflow’s music on an non local level, also granting him an interview.

At the time, he had been collectively working with Don Mega’s D-Block/Mega Muziks imprint and with OG Mack Drama . When asked about what were some other labels he’d be interested in, he replied Bricksquad (BSM). He kept in contact with a few bsm artist (Chipz Ru, Money Mouse, and AR Quest to mention a few ) while working with Mega, but quickly realized the imprint was not directly linked to D Block.

He held off all plans with D-Block/MegaMuzik. “Chipz was the first to respond a few years ago I thought that was some real shit so I promoted them too,” says Young Cashflow of the Fetti Gang member. “I salute him for that. ” After months of talk and promoting, AR Quest (formerly of Fetti Gang) took Cashflow in as a midwest extension to the Fetti Gang family. He also linked him with Fetti Soprano and other members of Fetti Gang. The two released “Fuck Niggaz” in February of 2013. Cashflow began working on new material and movie scripts (to be released). After AR’s departure from the group late 2013 Cashflow was given an opportunity to be a part of his Overgang imprint. Fetti Gang became his decision and Fetti Soprano took him under his wing.

He released a compilation showcasing Bricksquad talent and upcoming talent in 2013 with TRYNA GET A MILL hosted by BSM’s Bo Deal. He recently released two new singles, “Fuck da Law, ” and “Throw Ya Gang.” Plans are to do a remix with Tre pounds of Fetti Gang and work with other BSM members. His new mixtape Get Ya Hustle Up 2 #GYHUII is in the works. Stay tuned for more from Young Cashflow.

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