WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Tom Savage “Camera” Debut Release – Oct. 2, 2015

tom1Meet Tom Savage, Heir to Rap Royalty

Tom Savage is a vastly talented, gritty young artist whose debut release comes out Oct. 2 on Recondition Records.

Tom is not only talented in his own right, he’s also the son of one of the legends of hip hop in the 90s and a current rap giant, Casanova Rud. Casanova Rud and Super Lover Cee had a multitude of hits in the 90s like “Do the James” and “Girls I Got Em Locked“. These days, Rud is turning out politically charged rap anthems and righteous tracks.

So it’s no surprise that Erik Rudnicki, Jr., or Tom Savage, has rap talent in his genes and DNA. Tom’s grimy vocals and intellectual lyrics combine to create a truly mesmerizing blend of pathos, street pain and hope.

One of my favorite tracks, “I Need” is a monologue of the past, present and tom2future. Another favorite is “Psycho” (featuring Casanova Rud). This track shows off perfectly Tom’s vocal skills, dramatic ability and poetic writing.

Look for his debut release “Camera” on Oct. 2, 2015.

Tom Savage

Casanova Rud and his son Tom Savage:

Born Erik J. Rudnicki, is a multi major label recording artist and producer, with more than 25 years in the business and his contribution to the Golden Era of Hip Hop will stand the test of time., He experienced the culture early on in its infancy, growing up in Astoria Queens NYC. Through the jams in the park, DJ ing, MC battles, alongside learning audio engineering and music production under the tutelage of the legendary Paul C, helped create his foundation, which later created the classic single “Do the James” and the critically acclaimed album “Girls I Got’em Locked” with Super Lover Cee on Elektra Records. Rud also toured with many known names in early hip hop such as SaltNPepa, Kid n Play, ICE T, NWA, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, UTFO and Rob Base to name a few. Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud later went on to have releases on SONY/EPIC and Wild Pitch/EMI as well.

Born Erik J. Rudnicki, Jr., in 1996 in NYC, growing up in a family of artists, with his father being hip hop legend Casanova Rud, his mother a singer and two older sister that are visual artist, he was heavily influenced early on with creativity and expression.

While attending the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan NYC, he discovered poetry, which turned into an interest for spoken word, soon after turning into a passion for lyricism.

After the sudden loss of a friend who encouraged him to become an artist, in which inspired his name, he then decided to record songs with other aspiring artists, not soon after realizing he stood out among the crowd. He then started working on his mixtape and recording songs with his father Casanova Rud. While promoting over social networks and internet radio, he was brought to the attention of CEO/Producer Erick Shervington (aka Mr. Major) by Casanova Rud through a mutual friend. It wouldn’t be long before he signed his first deal on his father’s label (Recondition Records) under 4.0 World Music. With the collective of Mr Major, Casanova Rud and the team behind him, he is destined to become a legend in his own right.

A New Era is coming and it will start with Tom Savage.

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