South Central Has a New Poet Rapper & His Name is Antoine Notes

MAINNL.A. rapper Antoine Notes is that rare breed of artist…not only does he have the grit and grime of a street rapper, he also brings a poetic sensibility to his music.

It’s rare that a rap artist can take a track and either have an accompanying music background with it or let it stand alone as spoken verse. The amazing aspect of Antoine’s talent is most all his lyrics can be considered street poetry on their own.

Listening to some of his music, I’m struck by how he brings a street credibility to songs filled with angst, hope and turmoil. This talented young man could take just his lyrics and have a career as a poet.

His emotional and thoughtful lyrics come from a background steeped in pain and hope. His official bio states, “Antoine Notes is a Los Angeles native, music producer and MC. His production is filled with deep drums, good-natured chords, with an unorthodox rap style that fits his calm and favorable demeanor. Being raised in South Central, he faced having another addicted to drugs and an absent father. He draws inspiration from the beauty of struggle, while his raps paint a picture of perseverance and success.

His new project, “South Central And Beyond” (or S.C.A.B.) was digitally released May 1 via SoundCloud. “S.C.A.B.” is the abbreviation that represents woulds healed through time. The single “Oh My” is a deep-packed song with upstanding verses and a witty hook. His focus for 2015 is self-improvement and recycling inspiration through his music. He is new on the scene so it will be fun to see what the west coast artist is bound to do next.”

You can hear the old wounds and new healing in every verse. “God Complex” is one of my favorites. This young artist may be new to the scene, but he captures the history and struggle of the South Central streets in every line. It was an honor to listen to his music and have the chance to review him!


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