EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the South Florida Woman Who Went Viral with Weed Tweet & Subsequent Response From Sheriff’s Office

rosaRecently, a young woman from South Florida gained some unexpected notoriety when her tweet asking for “weed” (marijuana) gained a response from the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s office:

Rosa Sparkz” had tweeted out a request for someone to deliver marijuana to her, and the Sheriff’s office responded accordingly. Their post has since gone viral, with over 33,000 retweets and 28,000 favorites.

rosa3Deep Commotion gained an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Rosa Sparkz (not her real name!) on her new-found social media fame, which she is handling with good spirits and a sense of humor:

What was your first reaction to the PB Sheriff office tweet response?
My first  reaction was that I thought it was a troll account. That was until I saw the verified check mark and all of the retweets started coming in.

What was your reaction to their tweet to you going viral?
When it went viral I got really excited. I was having a pretty boring night after work but this definitely Sparked some life to my night!

How did you find out it was going viral?
I found out from the notifications and retweets I started receiving. It goes straight to my phone.

Do you regret your original tweet?
No. I definitely don’t regret it. I am relishing in these five minutes of internet fame!

Have you heard anything else from the sheriff’s office?
The police department has not contacted me since. I asked them to follow back so I could DM my location but that was to no avail. Lol

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