I Didn’t Know I Would Die Today – A Tribute To Emmanuel Sithole

I didn’t know I would die today.

This morning as I got dressed, I wore my newly washed jeans, my favorite red shirt and my good jacket. I wore my best trainers, pink, black and purple. I always like to look my best, here in my new country, my new life. That’s why I wear my favorite bracelets, that say, “United for Bafana.”

If only I’d left a half hour earlier or later. Or taken another road. But the road I took led me to this. Today, I died.

When I was attacked, I fell into the filth of the street. My jacket and pants were ruined. It hurts. Who are these men? Why are they doing this to me?

I fight them off as best I can. My family. I love you. They stab me and it hurts. Finally someone comes to stop them. I get up and stagger to a safe place. Some men help me into a car. I know I am not alone and that people are trying to help. I am in shock.

We are going to a hospital now. I know I am safe and that people care enough to help me. I want them to hurry. I am so scared. But I am safe. I love you.

Towards the end, I am still in shock. Although I am covered with the muck of the street and my own blood, my soul begins to break free. I can feel it happening. I regret leaving you. I don’t want to go yet.

I am strong. I will miss you. I died today and I am free.

– by Dianne Dorsey

April 21, 2015

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