Haitian Mob Souljas – Rap with a South Florida Flavor

10895182_1545963788995407_699601616_nI love ‘discovering’ awesome rap artists. And there’s no one more awesome than South Florida’s own Haitian Mob Souljas. Already very famous for their style and lyrical ability, HMS’s music is nothing short of amazing.

On The Last 3, available on iTunes, in which rapper Sinister teams with Shocka and Black-Rhino, tracks like Star and I Got Problem show HMS’s lyrical abilities. Just Chill is another great track that highlights the team’s rapid-fire delivery and wordplay. Spend Dat brings a real Haitian flavor to their rap and is one of my favorite tracks.

Watching the video of their big hit Problem, you can see the teamwork and trust that goes into their music productions. It’s a dynamic track and its chorus “Play Through the Pain” is my new anthem.

It’s rare to bring three talented artists together in one video and still see a complete equal partnership like you do in Problem. These guys are already big names in Florida and I predict they will continue to rise through the ranks of high profile, world famous artists.

10903783_783359588407176_1402708358_nView more about HMS:


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