Woffgang – The Haitian Mozart of Rappers and Artists

woff1It’s rare that I get to profile an artist with such a wide variety of talent as Woff, better known as Woffgang. This young man, who’s real name is Wolfgang Senatus, hails from Haiti and has brought with him a rich repertoire of talent.

You can find Woff’s amazing rap artistry on YouTube, Facebook,  SoundCloud and Twitter. Woff came to Miami from Port-Au-Prince at age 2 and has been using his unique gifts to encourage art, music and Haitian awareness.

His music tracks are gritty and grimy yet melodic and moving. “Life” is a great example of his artistry with words and music. But additionally, he is using his artistic gifts to help others and spread a message. Woffgang was one of the artists who helped create a large mural at Dorsey Park in Overtown, Miami, which featured images of the now defunct Negro League Baseball.

woff5He was also interviewed in the Caribbean Journal about his journey from Haiti to Miami, and provided them with a very moving video interview.

Not only can Woffgang provide you with a great listening experience because of his rich and melodic rap artistry, he can also provide the actual painted art to go along with it. It’s very unique to find an artist gifted in rap AND art, and I’m so glad I found him!







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