Rapper 3RDDEGREE Has First Degree Rap Talent

32Hardcore Michigan rap artist 3rd Degree (aka Tristen Haralson) is spitting out some highly listenable rap tracks, and he means business.

Bringing flavor from the streets between Chicago and Detroit, 3rd Degree brings a rough urban rhyme to his tracks.  Moving between club bangers and the required Molly/Weed/Club Bangin’ tracks, 3rd Degree takes what many rap artists are doing and puts his own unique spin to his music.Lyrically he is reminiscent of old school gangsta rap but with a new modern twist.

Kill Switch is one of his best tracks. It’s raw and rough but with his trademark swagger and style.

187 At the Liquor Store is another classic 3rd Degree hit. Dead Meat is probably one of his most hardcore gangsta tracks, with a trippy background track and raw lyrics.

But his track Into Hell is probably my personal favorite. It’s a true life story of hard living and trying to find the path.

Check out 3rd Degree on Soundcloud and Twitter. This young man is truly talented and has many stories to tell.


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