Tweetstruck: Advice for Celebs Who Are New to Twitter

britney2--aSo you’re überfamous and just got a Twitter account. What next?

Twitter can provide you with a direct line to the public, which allows you to connect with real fans and feel the love. You can use Twitter to promote yourself or your upcoming work, or gain support for a charity or two. There are many positives to having a Twitter account, but there are also some warnings to the wise.




The Good
Twitter is a great way to connect with fans who truly appreciate your talents. There are thousands of people out there (if not millions) who appreciate you and what you do. They are ready and willing to support and love you. Funniest-Celebrity-Tweets-Celebrities-Follow-Twitter

  • Your real fans will love interacting with you on Twitter.
  • Twitter is a great way to promote your new shows and films.
  • Twitter can help show support for causes you believe in.
  • You can follow and be followed by other celebs and maybe make a career contact or two.
  • You can use Twitter to help progress or revive your career.






The Bad
tumblr_lyk72nQr2N1roumfxo1_1280There are some twisted folks out there. Be careful and be safe.

  • People on Twitter are merciless and everyone has an opinion. They may just plain hate you.
  • Everyone’s a critic – Twitter is unfortunately a very visible vehicle for those who don’t appreciate you or your work.
  • Be careful – keep your private info private.
  • Expect trolls and online bullies.
  • Don’t respond to negative tweets.



The Ugly
Twitter is famous for mocking celebs and creating memes of embarrassing or mickey-rourke-before-afterunflattering moments or photos. Expect to see your worst photos right up there next to the red carpet shots. These include photos of:

  • Weight gain
  • Wardrobe malfunctions
  • Nose hairs
  • Plastic surgery gone awry
  • The ravages of time: young vs. old, or before and after photos

All in all, Twitter can be a blast if you’re a celebrity. Tweet away and enjoy yourself, and just ignore the morons!

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