Rayven Justice ‘Slides Thru’ to Rap Perfection

D55AF7842E3AC1D72B9733B07DB1E12C20131412112655125Baby-faced Cali rapper Rayven Justice continues his rise to rap glory with his new single “Slide Thru” featuring the Trap God himself, Waka Flocka Flame.

This crowd-pleasing, ariwaves-owning single has steadily shot up through the charts to be one of the most popular tracks out today. Adding Waka Flocka to the mix was genius. Justice combines his smooth lyrical ability with Waka’s grit and grime to create the perfect combo of rap and rhythm.

With lyrics like, “Riding with my niggas/Down with my niggas/Pulling all the bitches/Niggas can’t see us/When we slide thru,” keep an eye on this young artist. If he continues with singles like “Slide Thru,” he’ll be a rap force to be reckoned with for years to come.

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One thought on “Rayven Justice ‘Slides Thru’ to Rap Perfection

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