Model/Dancer/Singer/Actor Haydn Blower Has All the Right Moves

I don’t usually do reviews of dancers but Haydn  Blower made me change that.IBNBHDgL_400x400

This handsome young Brit from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, is taking the dance and music world by storm. In fact, you can hardly just call him a dancer; he does so much more than dance.

After initially getting into dance after watching the movie Step Up, he started posting his own dance interpretations to YouTube. One video alone got 39K views in just nine days, and the rest is history.

Haydn is unique in that although he is self-taught, he has quickly rocketed up the popularity scale on YouTube. He takes it all in stride though and remains modest and ready to collaborate.

Haydn is also a singer, actor and model, which gives him that on-camera poise that his videos are famous for. With his modeling career skyrocketing now along with his other outlets, this “perfect package” of talent, looks, artistry and interpretation is on his way to the top.









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