Rapper Jaydee Polo Proves Great Rap Has No Gender

jd2Sorry guys, but there’s nothing better than a bad-ass female rapper.

Jaydee Polo is one of the baddest. This bold, unflinchingly honest and tough female artist is scorching the airwaves with hits like “Tomboi Swagg” and “Bout My Bizness.”

Hailing from Baltimore, Jaydee got her love of music from her musician parents. Combing great lyrics with perfect tracks, Jaydee is a finalist in the “Best Rap Artist” category of the Maryland Music Awards. She also does a great of a cover of Pharrell’s “Happy.” Or check her out live at the SoundStage or in the official “Severna Park” video.

From her Facebook page: “Starting a Label of My Own…. I have Movements along with My Music… My Mission as An Artist is to Uplift and Heal People Mentally and Emotionally withmy Music… I dont just make Bangers I make Impacts and Lasting Impressions with my Music…. You WILL REMEMBER ME.. I WILL LEAVE A LEGACY…. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN MY MISSION HIT ME UP… OR JUST REPOST AND POST MY MATERIAL SO WE CAN HELP PEOPLE COPE WITH EVERYDAY LIFE…. IF YOU WANT YOU CAN DONATE TO THE CAUSE VIA PAYPAL JDZL82@GMAIL.COM …. LET HEAL THE WORLD ONE SONG AT A TIME…. BE BLESSED #TEAMJAYDEEPOLO.”

Jaydee Polo is a force to be reckoned with, not only for her enthusiasm, spirit and dedication to her art, but also for helping transform gender roles in rap. Jaydee proves that talent can’t be stuffed into restrictive cliches nor should it be. She’s breaking the molds and breaking new ground with each track and we look forward to what she’ll do next.

jd3Find Jaydee Polo on:

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