Why I’m Perfect For Waka Flocka’s Zany Housekeeper on “Meet The Flockas”!

flockasRumor has it that gangsta rap artist Waka Flocka Flame and his lovely bride Tammy Rivera MAY be in the works for a spin-off TV show from VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

I would be the PERFECT addition to the cast as…Waka and Tammy’s zany, clueless Caucasian housekeeper! Here are some reasons why I would be the perfect housekeeper for Big Homie Flock:

1. I haven’t yet lost my post-divorce binge-eating weight, so I’m plump and cuddly.

2. I’m old, very old. I’m 54, perfect housekeeper age.

3. I suck at housework so that could be a hilarious subplot.

4. I’ve already gone viral with Flocka, (read my viral post “How a Waka Flocka Concert Ended My Marriage & Saved My Life“) so I’ve lived through all the glory and humiliation that comes with going unexpectedly viral. I can handle fame.

5. I love Flocka and Miss Tammy and think they are awesome people and parents.

Here are some of my ideas for story plots:

– I accidentally tape over Waka’s new mixtape with me singing country music!waka

– Waka asks me to cook a soul food dinner for guests and I think he means Seoul, Korea!

– Waka asks me to find someone to get him a grille so I buy him a Weber!

– I do Waka’s laundry and because I don’t know to separate the colors, all his gangsta clothes come out pink!

– I’m cooking with turnips and Waka and I get into a crazy dialogue about “I need a turnip” “Turn up for what?” “Turnip for the recipe!”

– Waka complains about “All these stupid Vines” so I accidentally cut down his prize-winning ivy tree!

If you agree that’s I’d be a perfect compliment to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Flockas, please let Waka, Tammy and VH1 know.

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