Goffryfilms Entertainment Awards (GEA) Awards Held in Lagos

goffawards3The Goffryfilms Entertainment Awards (GEA) were held recently in Lagos.

This well-attended event was was host to various celebrities, artists, musicians and notables.

This annual event is a festival and celebration of local and country-wide entertainment icons in Nigeria. Goffryfilms is leading the way in Nigeria in the promotion of Nigerian-based business, artists and media.

The award recipients are as follows:

Edward Jatto – Lifetime Achievement Award

Dan Ozizi – Most Outstanding Hip Hop Artist of the Year
(Dan Ozizi is a well-known singer of great popularity, you can view his video “Solidarity” on YouTube.)

Lola Alao – Recognition award

Suleiman Aroke Aliu Ajoze – Recognition Award

Usman Sheid Sunshine – Recognition Award

Alhaji Momoh Sanni (Ohinoyi Anebira Apapa Zone, Lagos) – Recognition Award

Alhaji Yakubu Jimoh – Recognition Award

Wasiu A. Ibrahim – Recognition Award
To learn more about the GEA awards, please visit the Goffryfilms website and Twitter account or contact them as follows:

106 Lagos Road
Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

goffawards4 goffawards5 goffawards6

goffawards7  goffawards1

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