Rising Star Todd Carusso Brings Smooth Soul to Hip Hop

tc2Austin, Texas native Todd Carusso is a brand new voice in the world of hip hop, and he’s destined for great things. He has an almost hypnotic combination of smoooooth background tracks, machine-gun-fast vocals and interacting rhyming lyrics that create a mesmerizing sound. He’s gaining fans and followers at lightspeed, so keep your eye on this up-and-coming young artist on his way to the top.

According to Todd, “I’m a 20 year old artist from Austin, Texas. My music is a mixture of rap/hip-hop and soul. My sound is unique, filled with uplifting hooks and compelling verses. I began rapping because I felt most mainstream artist were missing true authencity in their music so I wanted to provide that for my peers. I will also drop my debut mixtape Carusso’s Way in the spring of 2015.”

Todd’s chosen such interesting mixes of background sounds and effects and his lyrics are funny, moving, and really keep your interest. I really enjoyed listening to each track on his SoundCloud account. My favorites were Dreams, 2014 Love Song, and Stuntin’ Freestyle. This isn’t in-your-face rap, it’s smooth hip hop with a soulful side. Check him out:

tc5 tc3b

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