Music Just Changed Forever, Thanks to Michael Stork


Buy The Crux now on Bandcamp.

a0813339271_2Every once in a generation, a new musical sound is discovered that will change the game forever.

Michael Stork’s The Crux is that new musical sound. A fusion of all sorts of influences and idiosyncratic elements, The Crux takes rap and hip hop to a totally different level. Brilliant lyrics, new and unusual musical movement, a sense of humor and the soul of a druid steampunk hippy all combine to create a mix that will change music forever.

Starting with the greatest undiscovered rap/hip hop track of this generation, “Rapman Canchop” (about identity, according to Stork) The Crux delivers five tasty glimpses into the mind of Michael Stork.

What do we find there? “A little bit of this, a little bit of that…it’s all about flava…” and so it is. Stork, who is British, blends a mixture of soul, jazz, rap, hip hop, electronic and industrial whimsy into tracks that generally defy classification.

The second track, The Crux, (‘about overcoming the pressure point’) is an amazing mix of beats, vocals and bass drums. It has a very David Bowie feel to it…but with a hip hop twist and Stork’s unique word play.

Going Down,’the promise to go all the way for love’, is a fast-paced verbal deluge full of meaning 1978716_719715431393929_1472580987_nand cool choruses. Abyss, ‘the story of a mariner seduced by dark magic but miracle saved by a whale’ is dark and lovely…the lyrics are full of hidden meaning and black magic. What’s The Matter is probably the best (and only) hip hop track about gravity.

The crucial point here is the combination. The combination of intelligent poetic lyrics with rap, jazz, and hip hop beats is what makes this the game-changer. One can say that there are elements of Bowie, Digable Planets, Joy Division, darkwave, and synthpop in his music, but they are only trace elements.

Stork’s unique writing skills and imagination are the magic that ties it all together. He’s creating something new and it doesn’t hurt that he’s smart, British, musically talented and a poet. All these things put together make this fresh new sound that will change music. Forever. The bar Stork’s music sets is high; it will be interesting to see which existing and new musicians will rise to the challenge.

Buy The Crux now on Bandcamp.

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