@Boogotti_Ice – Street-Smart Diva

BeFunky_null_59BThe tough but lovely Brooklyn-born Monique (better known as Ice Jahidi or as BooGotti Ice) has many things going for her.

She’s lyrically talented, blending together the tough patter of a hardcore female rap artist with the flow of a soulful singer. She uses her beauty to reinforce her toughness and resilience. Her raps are rapid-fire and brutal but she imbues her songs with her own unique identity. She’s an interesting mix of street tough and hood diva, and her tracks will certainly get your attention.

Ice is dedicated to her art too. She lived through a number of painful events in her past but always got back up and kept going after her dreams. This tenacity is evident in her music. With titles like “Such A F*ckn Lady” and “Bout My Money” she shows us her tough side.

But underneath the toughness is the desire to be first in her game. Ice cites Biggie Smalls, Remy Martin, and Nicki Minaj as her influence in the music industry. With Biggie being the biggest one of them all, she channels him every time she can with adding a line or two of his lyrics in her songs.

Take the time to check out this hard-as-nails diva with the soft side. You won’t be disappointed!



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