Tweets Remembering Michael Jackson

mjYesterday, the date of Michael Jackson’s death four years ago,  I asked people to tweet me some of their thoughts  and remembrances.  I received some really amazing tweets, with a sampling of them listed below. Michael Jackson changed music forever, and regardless of the controversy surrounding him in his later years, he made a hugely positive impact on music and culture.

Michael Jackson was very talented..I still see his moves and style in today’s artist..entertainer and teacher.. #RIP..Urmissed

Ever notice on PYT MJ says Tenderoni way b4 Bobby Brown made a song about it? #MJ2SOON #RIPKingOfPop #RIPMichaelJackson

#MichealJackson is the only entertainer I would pay $500 to see! Truly Talented individual who left this earth too soon! #RIP

Thanks to all who submitted their thoughts.

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