Wave King – Stay Wavin!

8ff3ac2dd506bb11600774102a024798Wave King is another in the line of based rap artists coming up that is making a huge impression on the music industry. Along with his brother, Young Jordan, they are taking the philosophy of based rap (created by rapper Lil B) and turning it into interesting music and lyrics.

Based rap is all about believing in yourself and being positive. Wave King sings songs that offer encourage through real life events and heartaches, and he manages to lyrically craft some very interesting songs.

In his official “What Just Happened?” video, he talks about getting back in touch with being a creature of hte universe and not living just for wealth, or shiny things. He sings about not wasting your time, and using every opportunity to do something positive.

In Love With Mary” is a song aa young man “in love with my Mary Jane.” It’s a gritty, mesmerizing portrait of someone who just wants to chill.

Forward Progression” really takes base to a new level. He is hypnotic in his rhyming and choice of words. He raps about personal pain, friends, life in general but always keeps true to his own unique voice.

waveking2He shares a live version of “Autmn Breeze” that is really amazing, with very mature lyrics but getting the message through that he is ready to take over.

I LOVE his video that celebrates the beauty of a butterfly. And watch him sharing based advice to his young supporters.

The takeaway from Wave King’s music is that he is very talented, very motivated, very passionate and very dedicated to being a success. He will uplift you and take you to new levels of consciousness with his based talents.  Lil B, watch out, Wave King is coming up!

Twitter – https://twitter.com/LiltXL

YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/LiltXLvalatagorilla

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