Lady Jazz Hits All the Right Notes

jasmin1bjasmin3bA lovely young lady named Jasmin, also known as “Lady Jazz,” has been creating quite the ‘winter storm’ up north!

Based out of chilly Providence, RI, Lady Jazz keeps the runways warm with her sizzling style and smoldering sexuality.

It’s very rare to find ‘the complete package,’ but Lady Jazz is not only beautiful, she’s smart too. Right now she is in college to get her doctorate in Psychology!

In her spare time, she keeps busy with family, friends and modeling.

She has been blessed with the kind of features and bone structure that can take her from classes to runway; her portfolio shows that she can adapt to many styles, and she also uses makeup to change her look as well. Fresh-faced with no make-up, she can quickly change her look to dramatic glamour girl.

This 21-year-old has only been modeling for just over a year, but has already gotten gigs with two clothing companies, including Get Hi!p Society (Virginia).

She’s worked with a number of photographers, and hopes to keep her balancing act between college and career.

“I love modeling,” says the future Dr. Jasmin. “I really enjoy the glamour and excitement of modeling shows. Even though I want to get my doctorate degree, I know I will continue modeling as long as I can.

I’m working now to build my portfolio, and I’m very excited for what’s in store for me in modeling! And I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from professionals and fans.”

You can follow Lady Jazz on Twitter (@sheeIsBack). To contact her about bookings, please email

jasmin2 jasmin5b

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