Young Jordan – Based and Wavin

jordan2There’s another Based God coming up through the ranks.

Young Jordan is an exciting new based rap artist who is making his mark in the world of music. And what is based? According to the Based God himself, Lil B, it means, “…being yourself. Not being scared of what people think about you. Not being afraid to do what you wanna do. Being positive.”

Young Jordan has taken the Lil B based philosophy  and has created a music library that is creative, original and true to his wavin beliefs.

Young & High” is a great track celebrating the freedom of youth and, well, other things.

“For the Team *LOYALTY*” (featuring Gerii Dobbz) is an excellent example of support and friendship. It’s about about supporting your friends and being loyal. “Big & Bad” is a more traditional rap song, but Young Jordan infuses it with his own style and twists.

jordan1V.A.L.A.T.A.” is a team effort and showcases Young Jordan’s clever wordplay. “Acapella Freestyle” is an excellent example of true based impromptu rap. “Call Her 55” is another creative Young Jordan production of interesting content and earnest emotion.

Hear the Msg *TRUTH *LOVING” is all based, all about believing in yourself, still loving those who don’t support you and staying true to your dreams. It’s the kind of stream-of-consciousness rap that Lil B made famous, but Young Jordan brings a truly enlightening intensity to his tracks. This is music to listen to when you feel down or discouraged; it will lift you right back up and help you stay strong.

And that’s the point of based, I think, to encourage others, stay true to yourself and show love. Young Jordan truly loves his fans and interacts with them. He is a positive force in rap and life, and his music inspires us all.

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