King Roscoe – Atlanta’s Rap Royalty

Hot new Atlanta rapper King Roscoe is intelligent, innovative and imaginative. He sends his powerful message with clever wording, great video production and visuals. He’s got the beats, the style, and the girls.

And he’s only 9 years old.

Al’Dreco “King Roscoe” Booker-Jones is a powerhouse of energy and motivation. His message? Stay in school. Study. Make good grades.

This bespectacled, bow-tied young fellow with the yellow suspenders takes us on a fun-filled journey in his video, “Straight ‘A’ Student,” which he wrote in third grade.  It’s all about the triumph of the nerd and the success of the studious, and I love every minute of it.

His life hasn’t always been easy. Born to Deishonna Jones and the late Al’Dreco Booker, he always had a passion for reading, writing and art. He also was set to be a child model until an infection left a scar on his forehead, which caused him to be teased and bullied at school.

But Dreco stayed positive and didn’t let anyone or anything get him down. He continued with his studying and music (he wants to be a rapper just like his father). He recorded his first record in April 2012, and now has a website detailing his life and career.

He has also created the program “Reading Riders”, to “create a environment that encourages students to use their reading skills, imagination and creativity, and to enhance their writing skills.”  Students can take the “Reading Rider” pledge on Dreco’s website.

I am going to take my own “Reading Rider” pledge. I want to spread the good word about this inspirational young man. I want everyone to get to know King Roscoe, and to get other people to read about him and listen to him. He is an inspiration who is sending the right message: stay in school, study, and read!

Make your own pledge and help spread the good word:

  1. Share his website –
  2. Share his “Reading Riders” webpage and get the young people in your life to sign up –!reading-riders
  3. Share his YouTube video of “Straight ‘A’ Student” –
  4. Tweet the following to your followers and to anyone you think might love his message: Watch 9 yr old Atlanta rapper @IamKingRoscoe rap abt staying in school & studying!
  5. Follow him on Twitter –

From YouTube:

From his website (


  • DJ Rockabell’s Trick or Treat Jam
  • Audition to open up for Yung Mieo
  • Dectaur Heritage Festival
  • Atkinson Elementary School
  • Sweet Auburn Heritage Festival


  • Video Shoot
  • Tobie Grant Recreation Back to School Jam
  • Shorty’s Run The Runway
  • Revenge of the Nerds Birthday Bash

Contact information:
Twitter: @iamkingroscoe


For bookings, contact:
S. Martin (404) 427-1357
Miss DJ: (404) 966-0254

*Images from King Roscoe’s website

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