Sexy Model Stephanie Takes the South By Storm

Stephanie Curtis – The Face of the New South

Stephanie Curtis, a 22-year-old model from Atlanta, isn’t shy about expressing herself. She can go from friendly to fierce in an instant, on camera and off. She’s passionate. She’s focused. She’s determined to make  a success of her life and make her mark. She represents the new, fresh face of modeling, all attitude and almond-shaped eyes, tattoos and full lips.

I was a model WAY back when. Let me clarify; my mother made me take modeling classes at Maizie Murphy Klein in Palm Beach. She felt sorry for me because at 17, I was 5’9″, awkward, gawky and a skinny beanpole. She thought modeling might give me some self-confidence. I enjoyed it, but I was never going to have a career as a model.

Before I started writing this blog post, I went online to do a little research. I have always considered Ford Models to be fairly prestigious, so I went to their modeling site. What did I see?

Lots of white girls. Lots of white European girls. Few girls of color. Girls with names like Ariane, Chevelli, Ondria, Ranya and Tao. Puh-leeze. (Someone should create a “Generate Your Fabulous Model Name” website. Mine could be “DaeYanne”.)

Hilarity aside, we all know that one of the most important traits of a model is to be able to portray a range of different looks, moods, and situations. All these high-fallutin’ Ford models have one thing in common; they are chameleons. Yes, they have the proper bone structure and reed-thin, waif body types, I’m sure. (Stephanie is a healthy and fit 5’9″ and 135 lbs).

But they also possess the ability to change their looks completely, based on clothes and make-up. This is where Stephanie Curtis shines brightly.

Miss Stephanie, with her enormous brown eyes, full lips and sparkling white teeth, is extremely gifted with an uncanny ability to go from girl-next-door to tough chick to professional business woman to sassy diva with the click of the camera. She has that same chameleon ability that already famous models have, to completely portray whatever fashion and feel is required of her.

When I took a look at her portfolio, it was hard for me to believe it was the same girl in each photo. That’s an extremely difficult trick to pull off. She can create a street toughness into her photos, with her sullen glare and tattoos. She can sit demurely in a bridal gown with a shy smile, or she can prowl like a cat with her fierceness and cat-like poses.

Many models, once the make-up is off, look drawn, tired and well, sickly. What I love is how our Stephanie, face shining and scrubbed free of makeup, is still amazingly beautiful, with an open honest smile and friendly aura.

Stephanie glows with good health and energy, and not just in her photos. In person, she is charming and friendly, and powered by a desire to succeed in a very tough business. I wish her well, and whether or not she becomes the most famous model in the world, to have her drive, charisma and focus at such a young age guarantees she will succeed in anything she attempts.

About Stephanie: Her hobbies include watching football, basketball and spending time with her daughter. She is interested in swimwear, sportswear, fashion, runway, and print modeling. She is a photographer and stylist in addition to being a model.

Find Stephanie on Twitter: @SCurtisDaModel

Stephanie is a Last Dynasty ‘Diamond’. For booking information, email  or visit

Photos courtesy of Corey Wendall Photography, XPERTONMEDIA, MSP Digital Media

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