Waka Talka – Waka Flocka Flame in His Own Words

A variety of quotes from the King of Punk Rap, Waka Flocka Flame.


My advice to a young, up-and-coming rapper is: dreams come true; you can survive hard times; keep pushing; do not change; don’t try to be another rapper that somebody implied that you sound like or remind them of; always know what got you to where you at; you always gotta just keep hustling; and strive for the best.

I don’t look at nobody as competition. I just concentrate on doing me and doing what I do.

My favorite color is burgundy.

The best times for me to rap are when I’m happy and mad.

If I wasn’t doing rap, I’d be in the streets, going hard.

My mother. That’s my role model.

My fans feel like one gigantic giant person, like a ten-foot person. They always have shit to uplift you.

The fans know me for one thing, being aggressive, wild, party, BOOM.

I’m a Georgia boy to the death of me. A Georgia boy is fish and grits-eating, soul food-tasting.

I have expensive taste but most of the time I just want to pig out. Pizzas, fries, chicken sandwiches.

 I want to make a good investment in this now though, so I can sit down later. Cause when I’m 30-something, I’m gonna be grumpy.

I’m blessed. I’ve changed my life. Everything I do is positive. I am all about positivity. I’m real positive.

I got the best fans. I am just blessed to have people that come out.

I’m a student/fan of Tupac. It don’t get no better than him.

I had a lot of death in my family. My little brother and my dad died.

Yeah, I love to read. Like, brainiac books. Philosophy.

Everybody be thinkin’ I’m just wild, crazy, loose moving, and militant. I think about everything I do, everything I say. I strategize.

All these incidents, they don’t make me calm down. I call this shit livin’ the good life. I got shot, get into a fight, hey man, this shit fun.

I do some funny shit but at the end of the day I walk a straight line, you follow me?

At the end of the day, Juaquin and Waka Flocka are two different people, nahmean? I know who I am at the end of the day.

I go off of fans, period.

If I’ma do a movie, I’m a lead character. I could never be a role. If I’m a role, it’s gotta be to Tom Cruise or somebody. Follow me?

The Meaning of Life:  “Unpredictable”

Family is the most important thing, and being able to make a difference while you’re here.  I was put here for a reason. We all were, feel me? All we can do is better ourselves and help others.

I never said my music is positive. My music relieves the stress.

My sound put life into a lot of people’s careers. I feel like my sound changed hip-hop. Period.

I’m just an artist working towards a catalog of excellent songs. I’m just a nigga making music.

I think as a person, you have to come to a realization with yourself like, ’Yo, where I wanna be? Do I want to hang in the hood? Do I want to help my niggas sell drugs? Do you really wanna run this corner? So when we die we ain’t nobody but some niggas that lived it. They gonna build a playground on some shit that we died honoring. That’s fucking crazy. You know how many neighborhoods I go to now, that when I was a kid them shits were wild as shit? Now them shits is tourist spots. Or fucking supermarkets. It’s like, Damn, that nigga died for that area right there? So you just a nigga representing a corner that you don’t even own.

That reckless music, I’m the king of that.

I feel like it’s my job to put the art and the fun back into the music.

Without your fans, who are you? Why are you doing music? I used to think, “It’s just for the money.” It’s cool to get the money. But if you don’t have no fans, shit ain’t fun.  It’s cool to smile. I like the feeling of making a person smile.

I don’t know about fame. Fame ain’t a word. I drop the E. F-A-M. Family Above Money.

If you hang around people with a lot of money, you gonna have a lot of money. You hang around killers and robbers, you gonna be one of them killers and robbers. You choose what you wanna live.

People love the music, but they enjoy the person, too.

I’m 25, but I got an old man’s soul.

No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog gonna love you.

It’s always nice to know that people enjoy your music. It makes me want to keep making new music, harder music.

We the new era, we the new faces of rap, we the new generation.

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