Roy Moore’s wife Kayla admits, “We don’t actually know any Jews”



Embattled candidate and Donald Trump Golden Boy Roy Moore and his wife have been trying desperately to counterattack claims that he’s a racist. At a recent campaign rally in Midland, AL, Moore’s wife claimed, “Fake news would tell you that we don’t care for Jews. And I tell you all this because I’ve seen it and I just want to set the record straight while they’re here,” she said. “One of our attorneys is a Jew.”

Today, a spokesperson for Roy and Kayla Moore admitted that these claims were, in fact, false. “We would like to correct a statement by Kayla Moore,” said Moore spokesperson and high school senior Annabelle Snopes. “Oy, she doesn’t actually know any Jews or Jewish lawyers and has been kvetching about this all day. She apologizes for the mistake and is absolutley plotzing over it.”

When asked if the Moores intended to possibly meet real Jews in the future, Snopes replied, “Anyone who thinks the Moores don’t like Jews is meshuggeneh. Of course they’ll be meeting Jews. They’ll meet Jews soon and it will be a mitzvah, no thanks to those bupkes in the fake news.”