.@RihooRecords Hits Big with New Album

a3443509470_10Dallas has a hidden gem in its midst: producer, engineer and rapper Charlie Rihoo, or “C-Ri” to his friends. Rihoo has a first-time premiere album up for download and it’s masterful in every way.

Available for download at $6.50 USD, the seven tracks on the album are all strong, powerful and original. Rihoo brings his producer know-how to each track and matches this with his lyrical ability.

My favorite is “It Doesn’t Matter” which is a more emotional track but very heartfelt and moving.

From Rihoo himself: “This album is the debut album for my record label Rihoo Records. This album will continually evolve as the label adds more and more music to represent the year 2014, so stay tuned!  All buyers of the album will also be able to request a free download of any new songs added after the day of their original purchase!”


1. Y.U.N.It? [Prod. By BENJIE BEATZ]

2. 1 in 1,000,000 [Prod. By SequenzBeatz]

3. Unknown Metal [Prod. By Edeez Beats]

4. Melody Cuffin

5. Southside [Prod. By TMLewi]

6. It Don’t Matter [Prod. By OHDP]

7. All I Wanted [Prod. By TMLewi]

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