@13isGodsend’s “Remember Me” is Unforgettable

13vidEvery now and then a rap track comes along that really hits me in the gut. 13‘s “Remember Me” is one of those heart-wrenching, moving tracks that makes you sit up and take notice of the talent behind it.

“Remember Me” is full of truth and pain, with a bit of Eminem thrown in, Puerto Rican-style. 13 has the chops and grime to make the track shudder and hit hard. It’s a tribute to surviving a tough life, surviving backstabbing friends and family woes. 13 has a gift with lyrics that fit his music perfectly and convey the meaning behind the swagger.

I was really impressed by this track and I think you will be too. 13 has some other great tracks on his ReverbNation site like “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and “I Cry” which I think should be getting major airplay.

395364_371592826192828_1789256113_nMy final word: 13 is destined be the next big thing. He’s got the chops, the lyrics, the tracks and the beat. I felt his pain, anguish and despair really come through in his songs and words. Rarely do I really enjoy each and every track of one particular artist, but 13’s playlist sounds like success to me.

Check him out:



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