5 Ways for Rappers To Get Noticed on Twitter

Twitter-musicI often get asked by aspiring rap and hip hop artists, “How do I get noticed on Twitter?”

Twitter is a vast landscape of tweets, photos, links and information. New artists have a huge task in getting noticed among the millions of tweets and hundreds of thousands of aspiring rappers.

If you want to get noticed for your music, then there are five things that you can do to cut through the clutter.

1. Always be tweeting

Your music is your introduction, so be sure that the majority of your tweets contain links to your music or to your website where all your music links (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.) reside.

2. Tweet your music to artists who are already established successes
Follow established artists that you hold in esteem and politely request a listen from them. If they do listen and respond, thank them again!

3. Set up lists of established artists you admire (and follow!)
Twitter allows you to set up lists of different Twitter users. Set up a list of those artists you really want to contact, and tweet to them frequently (once every three days or once a week.) Follow these artists; many times, they will follow back.

4. Respond with a “thank you” to your fans
Make sure to recognize anyone who tweets your music links, whether they are famous or not. Your supporters will appreciate it and will help you retweet your music to the world.

5. Tweet photos with your links
Always try to include a photo in your tweet. Tweets with photos get more retweets than those without. Use photos of you in the studio, or personal shots that show you as a real person. Keep the illegal stuff off Twitter, that’s what InstaGram is for!

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