KADARA: @GoffryFilms Changing the Face of Nigerian Entertainment

600440_578886625478257_789222782_nNEW GOFFRYFILMS MOVIE “KADARA” AVAILABLE SOON!
(And a Happy Birthday to GoffryFilms President Tunde Gafar!)

Nigeria is on the rise in the entertainment industry. Numerous Nigerian actors, musicians, singers and comedians are taking the world stage and showing the globe that Nigeria is indeed home to a wealth of talent.

One of the mainstays of Nigerian entertainment is Lagos-based GoffryFilms Entertainment. GoffryFilms is a professional branding & marketing production company with experience in TV, video and much more. They’ve helped many stars shine brighter through their use of sophisticated videography and photography techniques. GoffryFilms also has been a leader in using social media to gain fans and share their expertise.

The challenge for any film and production company is always exposure. With a home base in Lagos, GoffryFilms is starting the move to worldwide exposure, and this blog is happy to help them on that journey.

I recently sat down with the owner and talent behind the company, Tunde Gafar .

Why did you start GoffryFilms?
I wanted to bring true artistic video and photography production to my hometown, Lagos. There are many companies that promise quality productions but we truly deliver. I have a vision and it’s to have Nigeria recognized as a country with a wealth of talent in many areas.

gf38820f2_f96853a020ba0b8a2d7464006de5e30b_srz_165_184_75_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_jpg_srzHow long have you been in business?
I’ve been doing videography and photography for many years but I only started GoffryFilms in the last five years, to become a more professional presence.

What kind of services do you offer?
We specialize in creating top-of-the-line, notable productions that generate a unique branding for you and your company. Our services include T.V. commercials, film-making, radio jingles, music videos, script writing, recording special occasions and events, documentaries, and much more.

My main loves are shooting documentaries, photography, movies and adverts, musical videos and more. What I do makes me learn every day of my life. I travel on our roads more often than staying in my house, and that makes me more proud because I’ve gotten to meet new people, visit new places and learn different cultures. Cinematography and entertainment as a whole is what am into!

Company /Brands and people I have worked with:

  • Flykite production (Nigeria) Director of photography
  • Boom production (Nigeria)Director of photography
  • Good Morning Africa – (Africa Magic SA) Director of Photography- Advert Concept designer.
  • Also the producer of Focus Africa coming to your screen soon!

Which do you like better, video or photography?
That’s a tough question! I love creating, editing and producing videos, and I have had some great experiences working on music videos for local musicians. But I also love photography. GoffryFilms does many kinds of photography, but I think weddings are the most fun to photograph, because everyone is so happy! We also love doing photography shoots of people in native Nigerian dress. We are very proud of our culture. I also love traveling around the world and visiting cities rich in culture. I want others to see the cities, communities, villages and people of Nigeria and learn more about the rich culture that Nigeria has. I’ve always loved visiting other African countries to discover what they’ve got to offer as well.

Are your services expensive?
services1We work with each and every client to provide the best value possible. We understand those who are workign with budgets, so we are glad to work out payment schedules. We are not expensive by any means, and we charge reasonable rates for all our services.

What is your latest project?
I’m really excited about this. Edward Jatto and Ajoze are starring in a new Ebira movie, an indeginious film, currently being shot in Ikorodu, Lagos. The title is KADARA, and I hope everyone will watch it and enjoy. We’ll be posting more information about KADARA on our social media pages and website.

Anything else you want to tell your audience?
I want to thank everyone who’s helped GoffryFilms so far. We’ve been trying to break out into the mainstream, and it’s difficult! So many people have been so kind and helpful. We appreciate everyone’s assistance, and we look forward to moving onwards and upwards!



106 Lagos Road
Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria











Enjoy these images of GoffryFilms in action, on video and photo shoots:










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