SmokeyThaBear – Like a Boss

d531be40c33011e1ba8122000a1d0135_7Rapper SmokeyThaBear is a unique young artist making his way up the ranks. He has an interesting, jazzy sound to some of his tracks. For one so young, he’s had some great experience. From his bio:

SmokeyThaBear is an artist out of Harford County, Md. He has being making music in a serious manor for about a Year and a half working with other up and coming artist from Philly, Baltimore, Columbus, Salt Lake, and Atlanta. He has a new song that was released this week entitled “Shoot Me Down” if you wanted a more recent track from him. The link is below.

When he opened up for Rapper Freeway in October of 2012 he claimed he was feeling inspired by the early 21st century Rocafella which lead him to creating a song entitled “Mojo” which puts a modern day spin on a popular song from the Album Blueprint 2 the Gift & the curse, making it sound like an entirely different song.

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