Exclusive Interview: Chicago’s C.E.O. of Cool

408173_261629530568276_1552408509_n3I was recently honored to exclusively interview one of the major new players in Rap and Hip Hop today, CEO. This Chicago native son is an expert at mixing music, style and creativity. CEO’s music is explicit, raw, and truthful, and he also brings back a sense of style and elegance to the game.

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Where are you from and where to you live now?
I’m from Chicago & currently reside there.

When did you first know you wanted to be a rap/hip hop artist?
I honestly started taking hip hop seriously about a year & a half ago. Music has always been a major influence in my life. Me coming up & being around so many musically talented people has always shined a light on me to do what I’m doing now.

Who were your first musical influences?
Michael Jackson.

How did you start in the music business?
381076_261639130567316_1842265822_nEverything starts out with a VISION. You can have a plan but with no vision you will get NOWHERE!

What was the first song you recorded?
The first song i recorded actually i was around 16 years old. I still to this day know the hook & some of my verse… It jus kinda stuck there!

How would you classify your music today? Is it a certain style of rap/hip hop? Your own original sound?
My style of music is Hip Hop/Rap. I love word play. To me that shows the train of thought a person has. My sound is original. Although we all have a lot of musical influences, being original is the best way to be.

What’s next for the CEO? What new projects do you have coming out soon?
Taking the rap game to the next level is on my agenda. I have so much in store. I keep my iPhone on me so i can record all my thoughts & ideas.  I honestly haven’t even tapped into what i can do yet with the music & where i want to take it.

My debut album “Business As Usual” is available now on iTunes & Amazon. I thank all my fans, followers & supporters for being behind my album & making it very successful. I got hella luv, support & GREAT reviews on my album!

Up next is my HIGHLY ANTICIPATED mixtape “WallStreet Drama” which is due for release next month. Be on da lookout for that. Other great 401591_524236154307611_607352638_nsingles will follow & hit features as well.

Besides yourself, who are your favorite rap artists?
Alltime? No particular order…. Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac, Nas & Eminem.

Where can people listen to and buy your music?
You can purchase my debut album “Business as Usual” on iTunes & amazon… Also check out my smash hit “MOVE” on Reverbnation.com/ceochicago, which is also off my album. There are also other singles on there as well.

What message do you have for your fans?
Be yourself! Never try to be something you ain’t because in the end, everything will fold. BELIEVE! Always Believe in yourself. Have faith. There’s a quote that MLK, Jr said best when it comes to that. Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the staircase.

And as always i thank all my fans & supporters! Without YOU there is no ME. Luv y’all!!


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