Rico Ramone – Successful Artist, Helpful Mentor

rico1Rico Ramone is a truly amazing artist. Not only does he work hard on his own music and career (which is already successful), but he also offers up-and-coming musicians a guiding hand. As a recording artist and music producer, Rico already has made a name for himself in the music industry. He also creates and sells beats and tracks, with great success. Along with all this hard work, he offers up information and guidance to those just starting out.

His bio reads:

Rico Ramone is a music artist and producer born and raised in Columbus Ga. From the early age Rico found a fascination for all different types of music. Growing up being exposed to all the oldies and particularly Michael Jackson had a big impact on his life as a musician. By the age of 12 Rico started to develop a unique skill for words, rhyming, and songwriting. There was nothing more he wanted to do than create new songs, or make new punchlines, which then he didn’t even know what a punchline was. Rico was always inspired by his cousin Brandon A.K.A. Holy Red. Holy Red had produced tracks for Skinny Pimp, Bohagon, Syke Pachino, T-Rock and other underground legends.

By the age of 15 Red introduced Rico to FL Studio more popularly known as Fruity Loops. Rico learned a couple things but came to the conclusion that producing wasn’t for him. After a year later of crossing paths with the software and forcing himself to make anything no matter how bad it sound, Rico was able to piece together a track, followed by another track, and another track, each one a little better than before. Rico was producing new tracks left and right for friends and musically inclined family members, no longer was he just a artist, but a genuine producer as well. Rico released a mixtape in 2011 entitled “Signed and Sealed”, he produced over half of the mixtape.

Fast forward to 2013 Rico now 23 years old has a full production studio, he has worked with a number of independent artist from Texas, United Kingdom, Africa, Atlanta, New York and much more. Rico has been able to inspire other producers and artist, and has built a huge following on social networks such as SoundCloudYoutube, Facebook, and Twitter. Rico is proof that great things come to those that wait, he is now working on getting his first major placement and has just launched his brand new website Ricotracks.com.”

Do yourself a favor if you are trying to break into the rap world; make Rico Ramone one of your main influences and advisors!

For Booking or Beats, contact Rico@Ricotracks.com or call706-315-1999 (Serious Inquiries Only!)


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