The Only “Budget Cuts” You Need – Doza’s Debut EP

doza2-1Los Ange74b052a75769d04ea0ed2ad918c20224les rap artist Doza is as cocky as they get. He’s charming, talented, and full of himself. He has every right to be; his debut EP “Budget Cuts” is a slick, well-crafted homage to his childhood rap idols. With contributions from Asi Friedman, Austin Nivarel, Bank Vimolsathein, Marcus Lasha Nikki Weinberg, Ryan Edwards, and Tariq, Doza has put together a truly magnificent debut.

Doza takes his innate talent and cockiness, and crafts intriguing lyrics that speak of his talent, his life, and his ambition. “Some Mo” is one of my favorite tracks, not only for the quirky intro, but for the very clever wordplay. Doza’s self-confidence and intelligence imbues his tracks with the sound of an older, more experienced rapper. It’s hard to believe this is a debut; this sounds more like the third doza3or fourth offering from an established artist.

Kick Back” is another of my favorites. This is the kind of rap that has a message but is also musically pleasing. Most of the tracks have a positive message, and have a sense of fun. Doza’s sense of humor shines through in the lyrics, which makes the whole EP a great listen. Listen closely to hear some awesome wordplay.

I think Doza has done his 90s rap idols proud. There’s a lot of talent in him and “Budget Cuts” individually or as a whole, is one of the best debuts I’ve heard.


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